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Introducing Our Services In Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

Our leading-edge Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning capability is empowering public sector organizations. We are creating new value by leveraging data for operational efficiency and decision support. Our mission is to unlock the hidden potential of data to drive innovation, productivity and better decision making in the public sector, particularly in health and human services

Our Services

With our innovative thinking and leading-edge methods and tools, we can uncover the root of your problems, bringing clarity. We have the ability to see through complexity, enabling us to design solutions that are effective and practical, seamlessly addressing your needs. This is why we have an enviable record of repeat clients and an ever-increasing portfolio of successful assignments

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning

EngageFirst is emerging as a leader in Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning for applications in the public sector. We offer a full range of services to meet the needs of public sector organizations, especially in health and human Services. We are leveraging technologies to extract intelligence using hyper-dimensional statistics and machine learning, resulting in improved decision-making, resource utilization and operational efficiency. We also have some of the finest skills in natural language processing and predictive analytics

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EngageFirst challenges 'traditional’ consulting approaches by offering a distinctive business transformation and change management strategy that recognizes the differences between transformational and transactional change. We have experience and expertise in a range of services where we employ truly transformative concepts like human centered design, organic systems thinking and iterative evolution

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Service Optimization / Work Management

EngageFirst has created the Work Assessment Methodology (WAM)©, specifically designed for service and process improvement in government and human services. It provides tools for process analysis, workload benchmarking, complexity assessment, and service performance measurement, enabling our clients to optimize services, allocate resources objectively, and generate a wealth of information assets for process improvement, organizational restructuring and funding decisions

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Our Clients

Our Clients

Labour and Immigration
 and social services
justice and solicitor general
public service commission
children's services
habitat for numanty
calgary board of education
alberta health services
edmonton chamber
strathcona county
edmonton human society

About Us

At EngageFirst, we believe in collaborative problem-solving, value driven engagements, and proactive relationship management. Our consulting methodology is built on 360o discovery and purposeful analysis, creative solutioning, and knowledge transfer to the client organization, while applying effective methods and tools. Our approach results in the client not only receiving a solution for the problem but also gaining knowledge and capacity to deliver similar results internally. Our goal is to add value to our clients with every engagement and to become trusted partners in their success. We invite you to experience the difference with EngageFirst, where our success is in your success

Our People

Executive Advisors

Hemant Kumar

President and Principal Consultant

Hemant’s 25-year consulting journey, starting from a top global firm, has transformed into a passionate career. As a trusted advisor to senior executives in the public sector, he is known for his unique knowledge, creativity, and ability to deliver beyond expectations. With a Master's in computing science and an MBA, Hemant continues to innovate, create and lead. He created the WAM© methodology for service optimization, and he now focuses on leveraging Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning for productivity and decision support

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Lori Cooper

Lori Cooper possesses extensive executive experience in both provincial and municipal governments, showcasing strong leadership skills within complex business and service delivery environments. With unique perspectives on public sector challenges, she serves as a valuable executive advisor and consultant, having successfully led transformative changes in human services and corporate functions during her career of over twenty-five years with the Government of Alberta

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Mark Hattori

Mark Hattori has 32 years of experience in children, youth, and family services, from frontline work to Assistant Deputy Minister in the Alberta Government. His expertise lies in successfully transitioning policy to practice, and he has played a significant role in transforming the Child Intervention program. With unique insights in social program design and implementation, Mark’s experience brings strategic and operational values to leaders facing similar challenges

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Our approach to problem-solving

We do not pretend to know your problems better than you do, but we have the methods and tools that help us analyze your problem and develop a holistic and unique understanding

Problem Definition

We identify and clarify your business problem, ensuring a clear understanding of its implications and interconnections

Research and Discovery

We engage in rigorous research and discovery, delving into the heart of the matter to cultivate a profound comprehension of the issues at hand

Analysis and Synthesis

We focus on analyzing the collected information from a 360o perspective to gain insights that enable creative solutions

Solution Development

We build the final solution, bringing the purpose and vision of the engagement to life

Foundational Pillars Of Our Consulting Practice

Effective methods and tools
Knowledge transfer and capacity enhancement
Proactive relationship management
Superior project management

Certifying Institutes


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